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            Includes Lawrence Saint.

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            (Not in The Rakow Library)

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            (CMGL: Special NK5349.M28.H88 Jumbo)
            Copy 2 is signed by Lawrence Saint and damaged in the fire at the
            Stained Glass works for Washington Cathedral.

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            Not in The Rakow Library

Making of a Stained Glass Window.  [Film] Produced by the Metropolitan Museum of  Art, 1932.  24 min., silent, black & white.
            Depicts the making of a window for Washington Cathedral in the studios of Lawrence Saint.  (Available for viewing as a video)

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            <Cage: NA5235.W3.N27>

[New Work in Stained Glass and the Work of Lawrence Saint.]  This was the title of the March 8-April 30, 1954 exhibition at The Corning Museum of Glass.  There was no catalog for the exhibition, and probably because of a major flood in 1972, any printed materials to document the exhibition would have been lost.  However, there are black and white photos (8x10 format) of the exhibition (available for viewing, upon request to the Rights and Reproduction Manager) and flooded, warped color slides available for viewing at The Rakow Library.
                        * 1/8/08 Registrars office does not have these.

O'Connor, John, Jr. "Drawings of Ancient Stained Glass Windows."
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            Life of Lawrence Saint, and some of his cartoons.

"Old and New Leads." Bulletin of the Stained Glass Association of America, v. 19, July 1925, pp. 15-19. Includes remarks by Saint on solder ratios and melting points.

“Pennysylvania glass expert knows middle age glass.”
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             (Rakow Library: J. Stanley Brothers files on mosaic & painted glass: artists)

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Saint, Lawrence. Cartoon and drawings for the William Thomas Hildrup, Jr. Windows - Panclose stairs, Washington Cathedral.
  Part of the material acquired from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in ca. 1960.  Includes: one working cartoon; 12-25 sketches and fragments (some fully colored, some colored in part; some black and white; all on brittle tracing paper.  Material identified by scribbled pencil note on original cardboard wrapping.  In 1985, they were kept in white cardboard, tied with red tape, and in the Special Collections.  NOTE: Researchers planning to visit the Rakow Library must apply for permission to use these materials prior to their visit.

Saint, Lawrence.  "Church Windows a Christian Opportunity."
Stained Glass, v. 21, No. 5, June 1926, pp. 17-19.

Saint, Lawrence. Description of glass as contributed to The Corning Museum of Glass.  Philadelphia? : the author, Sept. 12, 1960.  5 typewritten pages. Describes the glass samples given to the museum (CMG accession 60.3.71)
              (Not in The Rakow Library; in Registrar’s object file)

Saint, Lawrence.  "Glass and Stained Glass." Bulletin of the Stained Glass Association of America, v. 25, no. 11, Nov. 1930, pp. 10-13.

Saint, Lawrence.  "Glass Making Machine: 8 drawings".  Huntington Valley, PA:
            Lawrence Saint Studio and Glassmaking House, 3-24-39.
            1: Glassmaking machine; 2: Assembly; 3: Frame, Roller and Bearings;
            4: Chute Details; 5: Miscellaneous details; 6: Driving mechanism;
            7: Driving mechanism parts; 8: Miscellaneous parts.
            Negative photostats.
            (CMGL: Document 0-31)

Saint, Lawrence.  "J. Horace Ruby: An Appreciation."
Stained Glass, v. 35, no. 1, Spring 1940, pp. 33-34.

Saint, Lawrence. [Letter to Paul Perrot concerning the contribution of his old glass samples to The Corning Museum of Glass]  [Philadelphia?: Sept. 12, 1960.
The samples of glass are part of the curatorial department, with assigned numbers of 60.3.71A-R.
(Possibly the same as Description of Glass letter above)

Saint, Lawrence. "Making Stained Glass Windows."
Ornamental Glass Bulletin, v. 12, no. 11, Dec. 1918, pp. 8-10.

Saint, Lawrence.  [Materials donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which were later transferred to The Corning Museum of Glass.]  Most of this material became part of the curatorial department.  Some may have been lost in the 1972 flood.  In off-site storage are cards with sample numbers and cards of glass.  If there are tools or drawings, these were not locatable in 1998.  He also stated that he gave formulas for paints and stains to the museum, but they also were not locatable in 1998.  To have access to the sample cards, one must apply to the chief curator of the museum.  Although the artist termed it "two wagon loads of materials", there was never a thorough inventory of what was received.
            “the slides (which are actually pieces of stained glass mounted so as to be glass lantern slides….and the matching script.” 

Saint, Lawrence.  Notes to Go with Lecture Slides.  29 p.    Formerly owned by CMGL: (old cataloging  NK5398.S14n;  missing in 1988; not found 2007].

Saint, Lawrence. The Romance of Stained Glass: A Story of His Experiences
            And Experiments.  Huntingdon, PA: the author, 1959.  76 p.
            <Cage NK5398.S1.S14; fiche f-1495>

Saint, Lawrence. "Textures and Filming in Ancient and Modern Stained Glass."
            Stained Glass, v. 23, no. 4, May 1928, p. 8, 13.

Saint, Lawrence.  "What the Stained Glass Craft Means to the American People."  Bulletin of the Stained Glass Association of America, v. 24, no. 9, Sept. 1929, pp. 10-11.

Sheldon, James. Stained Glass at Washington Cathedral.  Washington, DC: the author, 1 v.  Includes a letter from Saint (Aug. 22, 1930) and Saint's stained glass creed
(March 6, 1934).
            <Cage NK5312.D6.S54; fiche f-3287>

Skinner, Orin E. "Stained Glass Meeting in New York."
Stained Glass, v. 35, no. 1, Spring 1940, pp. 14-30.

“Stained glass.” Art Digest, July 1937, p. 30.
             (Rakow Library: J. Stanley Brothers files on mosaic & painted glass: artists)

"Stained Glass Exhibit." Ornamental Glass Bulletin, v. 16, Dec. 1922, p. 11. 
Brief discussion of the Carnegie exhibit, which included work of Saint.

Washington Cathedral. The Memorial Windows in the Washington Cathedral
            To Lieutenant Matthew Fontaine Maury, U.S.N., the Honorable Myron T.
            Herrick, James Parmelee, Esq.  Washington, DC: National Cathedral
            Association, 1965.  158 p.  Windows designed by Lawrence Saint.
            Not in The Rakow Library

Washington Cathedral. Washington Cathedral: The Cathedral Church of St. Peter and St. Paul.  Washington, 1965.  <Cage: NA5235.W3.F31>

Weis, Helene. "Some Notes on Early Philadelphia." Stained Glass, v. 71, Spring
            1976, pp. 24-27.  Includes Lawrence Saint.

Who’s Who in America. Volume 24, 1946-1947.
             (Rakow Library: J. Stanley Brothers files on mosaic & painted glass: artists)

Willet, Henry Lee. "Philadelphia Exhibition."
Stained Glass, v. 37, no. 1, Spring 1942, pp. 27-30.

The following are not available at the Rakow Library.

Saint, Lawrence B. Papers, 1907-1940 (ca. 40 items). Included are clippings, photographs, writings, and articles by and about Lawrence Saint and his work in stained glass with annotations by Saint. Also included are Saint's address to the members of the Stained Glass Association of America at its convention at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, June 1925; the Text of a radio talk, 1937; glass making formulas, technical data (242 pp.); and translations of articles by French glass makers.
Original archives in the Free Library of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, PA.
Microfilm roll P 5, frames 224-355; available through the Archives of American Art.
Saint, Lawrence B. Washington Cathedral Stained Glass Collection, 1928-1933. 29 boxes.  Collection: Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History : Archives Center. ACNMAH 0090
This website has additional references not in the Rakow Library

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