Thursday, November 18, 2010

Page 5 - The Bryn Athyn Glassworks

John Larson was associated with the project at Bryn Athyn from 1916 to 1922. In his own factory in Glendale, NY on Long Island, Larson prepared samples of glass which he sent down for the craftsmen at Bryn Athyn to use. Frustrated by the slowness of this process, Raymond Pitcairn asked Larson to close his factory and move to Bryn Athyn. Larson refused, agreeing instead to set up a factory in Bryn Athyn and train local workers. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archives
The result was the Bryn Athyn Glassworks which opened in 1922 and produced glass until 1942. His employee, David Smith, accompanied Larson to Bryn Athyn and stayed on to run the glass works after Larson was eventually dismissed by Pitcairn. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archives

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