Thursday, November 18, 2010

Page 3 - Windows for the Cathedral

PHOTO: Glencairn Archives
After his father’s death, Raymond Pitcairn became intimately involved with the building of Bryn Athyn Cathedral. He was obsessive about the medieval style and wanted the windows to be glazed in the method of the European cathedrals. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archives
The original architect of the cathedral, Ralph Adams Cram, suggested that the cathedral windows needed to be made from mouth-blown glass, not with rolled glass which was popular at the time. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archives
Pitcairn asked for window designs from Clement Heaton and Charles Connick. Eventually he decided to have craftsmen from the Bryn Athyn community undertake the job, among them his good friend, the artist Winfred Hyatt. A few years later Lawrence Saint joined the project. 

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