Thursday, November 18, 2010

Page 1 - Saint Addresses the SGAA

“I’m sure it is an honor to address the members of the Stained Glass Association of America and to speak to coworkers with me in the most beautiful craft in the world. We are happy to live today in a church and cathedral building era and it is very encouraging that today we find greater appreciation for our work than perhaps this country has ever seen. It is well known that in our times one man, Mr. Raymond Pitcairn has had the courage to spend for an old panel of stained glass a little over $10,000 a square foot and Mr. Pitcairn has been one of the most greatest encouragers of our beautiful craft who has happened along for several centuries. His policy of experimentation and deep research, of going to the very limit after the highest possible ideals is getting results little known or appreciated as yet but which will vitally affect the destiny of our craft. For nearly eight years it has been my privilege along with several other workers to serve Mr. Pitcairn on the Bryn Athyn church windows. I suggest that sometime you step into the church and see for yourself what he has done there.”

This was from an address that Lawrence Saint made to the Stained Glass Association of America in 1925 and he was rightly bragging about his role in the glazing of the beautiful Bryn Athyn Cathedral, center for the New Christian Church, Swedenborgian denomination. 

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