Thursday, November 18, 2010

Page 2 - Bryn Athyn & the Pitcairns

Bryn Athyn is a small suburban community located in 20 miles north of Philadelphia on land that was purchased by John Pitcairn. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archives
Pitcairn’s fortune came from investments in the railroad and in oil. With several others, he founded the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. in 1883. 
This provided the resources for the extraordinary flourishing of architecture in the Bryn Athyn community: Bryn Athyn Cathedral, Pitcairn’s home, Cairnwood, and the home of his son Raymond, which is now the Glencairn Museum
PHOTO: Glencairn Museum
These three buildings now form the core of a newly designated National Historic Landmark District.

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