Sunday, April 17, 2011

Page 10: The Bryn Athyn Formula Books

I had the opportunity to study the red glass that the Bryn Athyn craftsmen achieved. 
In cross section it is clear that they were able to match this pattern of striations found in the medieval glass.

There are scant records of their working methods. A few handwritten formula journals or day books exist which date from 1916 to 1919. As this was before the Bryn Athyn glassworks was in operation, presumably these were Larson’s formulas. 
There are other record books, transcribed in a different hand, beginning in 1919 and continuing onwards. 
One entry from 1922 reads, “Best copper ruby as yet obtained”. Obviously, copper ruby was being produced at the Bryn Athyn factory right from the onset in 1922. 
PHOTO: Glencairn Archive
Ariel Gunther wrote an autobiography. In it he talks about how he and Smith continued to perfect the recipes of Larson. Unfortunately, he does not explain the secret of the striated ruby - which is why the topic of this paper is Lawrence Saint!
PHOTO: Glencairn Archive

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