Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Bryn Athyn Glass Factory (1922-1942)

The Bryn Athyn Glass Works
The Bryn Athyn Glass Works was making striated ruby red glass for the Bryn Athyn Cathedral from its inception in 1922. Formula books containing recipes for red exist in the archives of the Glencairn Museum. Some of these date from 1916 and are presumably the formulas of John Larson, a glass maker from Glendale, NY who was engaged by Raymond Pitcairn upon the recommendation of Louis Comfort Tiffany. Larson's associate, David Smith accompanied him to Bryn Athyn and stayed on as the gaffer of the Bryn Athyn Glass Works. He along with Ariel Gunther, who started at the glass works upon graduation from Bryn Athyn High School, continued to build upon Larson's formulas. There is additional information about the Bryn Athyn Glass Works on the website of the New Church History Project

Factory Floor Plan

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