Sunday, September 11, 2011

Page 31: Does the Story End Here?

The story could end here, but let’s assess. Lawrence Saint went to heroic lengths to develop and document his formulas. He tried to safeguard his work for posterity by depositing it into two of the Nation’s apparently safest repositories. His collection, which he donated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, was nearly destroyed by a flood after being reaccessioned to the Corning Museum of Glass. His notes from the Archive of the National Cathedral were nearly thrown out several times before being transferred to the Smithsonian were they remain incomplete. In his autobiography Saint writes, “I have held nothing back.” He wanted his work to be known so it could be replicated by a future artisan if his masterpieces at the National Cathedral ever require restoration. It remains only to put the question to the test. Was it enough? Could Saint’s red actually be made by a modern craftsman from his formula and notes alone? 

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